COVID HOSPITAL GRADE cleaning for schools, nurseries and care homes

If any of your staff or pupils have tested positive and you are considering a  COVID deep clean & disinfection then now is the time to make arrangements. 

We can provide essential cover if any of your cleaning staff are off sick or isolating.

Price list for Covid 19 cleaning service for Schools, nurseries, care homes and day care centres.

Our Methods

All schools, nurseries and care homes cleans are completed using a large qualified team.

After a briefing and floor plan inspection we firstly enter the premises wearing appropriate PPE and proceed to disinfect the whole premises using ULV fogging machines.

Once disinfection is completed, we set up base and move through the building as a team, deep cleaning room by room. We clean floors, walls, windows, furniture, equipment etc working from the furthest point and back to base, sealing off each room as we go.

We clean, disinfect, sanitize and dry steam all communal areas, toilets, kitchens, furniture, office equipment, electronic equipment etc.

Once the HOSPITAL GRADE deep clean is completed we use ELECTROSTATIC SPRAYERS to disinfect the entire site, giving 100% coverage and staying active on the surface for up to 28 days.

Classroom Covid deep cleaning
Covid disinfection of classroom

School Covid cleaning

COVID school classroom cleaning


Head teachers & finance managers are available for references on request.

If you would like to call, we offer for a no obligation site visit to discuss any requirements, concerns or specific questions related to our processes, methods and availability.

Biocleanuk 4 Step Hospital Grade Disinfection Process

We seal off the area, don appropriate PPE & commence disinfection of the entire site using ULV FOGGING MACHINES. This pre clean application is to fully disinfect the site and to provide a safe working environment for our team. Our ULV fogging machines apply a fine micron mist of 100% Bio disinfectant with a LOG KILL 6.

Our team complete a full DEEP CLEAN of the site. This is a vitally important stage of the disinfection process. Disinfection spray alone is not enough. All surfaces must be deep cleaned of any dust and dirt in order to guarantee the disinfectant solution makes contact with every surface.

Once the deep clean is completed we ELECTROSTATICALLY apply another fine mist of disinfection solution to the whole area. Using VICTORY ES ELECTROSTATIC SPRAY APPLICATION MACHINES. These state-of-the-art machines positively charge each molecule of solution, effectively magnetising the solution to all areas. This offers maximum RESIDUAL EFFICACY and ensures that all surfaces are 100% covered. The solution air dries in seconds and remains active on the surface for weeks. LOG KILL 6

100% Bio solutions.

With the room sealed we use OZONE GENERATORS to purify the air, leaving the room smelling fresh and pure.