Industry leading cleaning equipment & chemicals

Industry leading equipment & chemicals are at the forefront of our business ethos particularly in response to the current COVID / Coronavirus outbreak.

We have been preparing since January of 2020 which made us one of the first companies able to respond in the health care and education sectors. Advising and helping formulate strategies early on in the outbreak for police, schools and the NHS.

Cleaning equipment and chemicals
Skyvac gutter cleaning
Professional floor cleaning using high grade equipment
Skyvac, professional gutter cleaning equipment

Our philosophy is to be the best and give the best in terms of quality, service and satisfaction. Using the best cleaning equipment and chemicals means our team take great pride in their work, backed by the knowledge that they are delivering the best possible service to our clients.


KILLS 99.9999% of virus

We use:

  • 100% bio based chemicals, pre approved by the American Chemistry Council 04.03.2020 recommended for use against Coronavirus specific COVID. EPA no 87742-1-92595. EPA approved, WHO approved.
  • Chemspec Formula 429FC NHS approved.
  • H202 based products depending on the environment and the demands. NHS approved

All our chemicals are child, pet and food safe

Chemicals are dispersed as an ultra-low volume mist with our advanced electrostatic sprayers direct from the USA. This high-tech system DISINFECTS, CLEANS, SANITIZES & DEODERIZES all in one step. 100% coverage of all environments within minutes. KILLS 99.9999% of viruses within seconds. Vastly improving previous methods & cleaning times by up to 80%

Electrostatic machines positively charge the chemical, effectively magnetising it to any surface for complete coverage, even hard to reach areas, removing the need to wipe.


Residual efficacy up to 28 days

The chemical stays active for days or even weeks.

Suitable for homes, offices, workplaces, warehouses and vehicles.

Safe on all materials, even paper, computers, electronic equipment, handheld electronic devises. This is due to the very low micron particle size and low moisture volume.

Non bleach, non-alcohol. Purely water based and organic plant derived.

Cleaning equipment

We have a range of high-tech equipment for the application of chemicals and disinfection service:

  • Electrostatic sprayers
  • Electrostatic backpack sprayers
  • ULV foggers
  • Texatherm sprayers
  • Ozone generators
  • Optima dry steam sanitizing machines
  •  Texatherm systems digital high temperature carpet & hard floor cleaning machines

Cleaning equipment and chemicals:

  • Victory cleaning equipment and solutions
  • Texatherm carpet cleaning equipment
  • Optima Steamers cleaning equipment
  • Honda cleaning equipment
  • Skyvac gutter cleaning equipment
  • Airco air conditioning equipment
  • Scott safety PPE equipment
  • Nilfisk cleaning equipment
  • Mercedes cleaning equipment